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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bottling Beer

Hello all...

I just had to add a post about Finn and Jeremiah bottling his home brew tonight. First they inspect the bottles...she looks at each one while squinting her whole face...then hands it off to papa for further inspection. Then they take the brew to the bath tub where they clean the carboys...again she inspects everything and takes it back to the kitchen. Then it's bottled and she helps place each cap perfectly on top of the bottles. She's the only soon to be 3 year old who loves to bottle beer and hang out at the brew shop while papa has his home brew club meetings. She knows right where the toys are at the shop and play happily while they discuss home brewing. Finn is definitely a papa's girl. I love the two of them.

Limpet Is Officially A BOY

We had our 32 week ultrasound and all was well.  Our doctor has ordered an ultrasound for 32 and 36 weeks to double check that our little guy is putting on weight (his sister was a bit petite) and their are no placental abruptions from the accident.  The worry has been that a small one could have existed but gone undetected until the placenta got larger with baby.  I'm proud to report all is well.  All his measurements were perfect and we noticed he is in fact a boy.  At our 20 week ultrasound the tech told us Limpet was a boy but their is always a chance of error...but at our ultrasound last week we discovered their is no room for error :)  So far he looks just like his sister...same nose and chin and head. 

All is well in our world.  Jeremiah got a new job at CBI (Conservation Biology Institute) and is really enjoying it.  Finn and I are settling back into a routine where papa is gone all day...hard but we're getting used to it again.  That's when we all wish we were independently wealthy and he could be home with us everyday. 

My work is going well...slow at times and fast at others.  As the pregnancy progresses I find I need a few more naps than I used to so I have to be more organized to get everything done in a day.  That's when I really rely on Jeremiah.

I had an amazing baby shower last week and a fabulous mummy shower last Friday.  My best girlfriend Kai put it on for me...women visiting...good food...and a fabulous atmosphere.

Finn is still riding horses and loving it.  She's getting ready to turn 3 next month...where has the time gone.  She had her first Urgent Care experience last week.   While at the garden plot she fell with a hand trowel and cut not only her finger but took part of the nail with it...ouch.  Papa scooped her and a queezy mummy up and we all went to the urgent care.  She was so brave...and her papa showed his amazing fathering skills.  What a great father I have chosen for my children...I'm amazed everyday. 

Love to you all!