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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sometimes, even optimistic people get tired and worn down

My optimism and zest for life remain, despite feeling a bit worn down the last week+ with...

1) our car broken into and ransacked a few weeks back and most of my flyfishing gear and flies stolen (it was all hidden in the car but they found it),

2) an IRS audit of our finances for 2014 and 2015 (close to 200 hours combined now providing detailed information; turns out we UNDERclaimed our expenses so things are looking good),

3) a car rooftop rocket (storage) box explosion at 65mph (nothing lost and no car accidents behind us in the wake of all the camp chairs blowing out),

4) a car door fire (mostly just smoke) from a stuck power window motor,

5) TurboTax incorrectly applying a health care tax credit we were ineligible for in 2016 (if you can't trust tax care professionals, who CAN you trust with your taxes?! maybe it's time to pay an in-person tax care professional),

6) a neighbor friend losing his life light (no matter that alcoholism ruined his liver, watching the life of a friend fade is still a challenge)...

and other various things.

Yet, despite all this - or perhaps BECAUSE of all of this - I feel compelled to live life abundantly, cherishing the wonder and beauty and fragility of it all. I am healthy, I am loved and have (do) loved, I walk this path with a marvelous and supportive partner, and life continues to amaze me every day.

We may lead a charmed life in many respects, but life is still hard. Always will be. All things considered, we're doing pretty well. Because we've got each other. And we've got YOU!

If you're so inclined, we would sure appreciate you sending prayers heavenward for us, shaking of sticks, rattling of bones, chanting, sending of positive vibes, whatever it is you feel inclined or compelled to do to channel good energy our way.

Because who couldn't use a little more goodness in life?! AmIRight?!

Thank you, friends! We sure love you - it's true. <3