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Thursday, January 30, 2014

An English Tea Party

Gentlemen ready for a spot of tea...

You never know what will happen in this house...Nanny and Grandpa came for a visit and we put on a tea party for Finn. Cat was Mrs. Farkwar, Finn was Ms. Nesbitt, Little man was Mr. Stansfield the 4th, Nanny was Mrs. Perrywinkel, Papa was Mr. Hazelbottom, and Grandpa was Mr. Pigglesworth. We made up stories, dressed up, and Finn loved it!
The tea party.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Marriage and Division of Labor

While discussing table etiquette after dinner, I jokingly teased mummy that she didn't pick up her dinner dishes after being excused. With a wink and a smile I said something to the effect of, "how are we to teach our children proper table manners if we don't pick up our own dishes?" Mummy, with her own wink and a smile, jokingly says "well, I do the dishes. I figured I would pick it up later." Finn, after overhearing our conversation says, "well, mummy, you ARE his awfully wedded wife." Laughter and general happiness ensued.