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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finn's first pajama party

Finn's first pajama party sleepover started off with a bang. A short trip up Kings Valley Hwy. 223 and a stop at Ritner Creek park and covered bridge for some creekside playing and geocaching. The girls found a small geocache (GCW5E5, Country Fried Monkey) and each grabbed a goodie, Finn a pirate eye patch and Julia a toy egg.

Little man woke from deep sleep just as we got back into the car and was fascinated that someone else was in the car and he had no idea when it happened - he couldn't stop looking at her (she is a cutie pie)! Then up to the Dallas Motor Vu drive-in theatre to watch Cars 2. All three kids snuggled in and were wide awake for the first 40 minutes or so but as darkness really settled in, little Jeremiah gave up the ghost and passed out in his chair. Finn eventually did the same around an hour and a half into the show but Julia stayed awake for the whole movie and loved it. She even stayed awake on the 20 minute drive back to Corvallis (what a trooper!) and finally passed out snuggled with Finn in her bed.

Morning arrived for the girls around 730 and Cat and I awoke to the happy sounds of the girls playing and giggling together in their room. Thirty minutes later, they were in Finn's "artsy-fartsy" area coloring and generally being creative. An hour later, they were using watercolors and creating marvelous pieces of priceless art followed by building the world's best train tracks! Then some farm fresh scrambled eggs and wonderful  10-grain pancakes (Bob's Red Mill) with MaraNatha almond butter and real maple syrup from a friend's farm in Maine! Yum!

The morning concluded with the kiddos dancing around the house while listening to some Rick Meyers' Old Time Music Show and Amadou and Mariam, then splashing in a tub and getting dressed in their Sunday's finest for a day of exploring and rodeoing at the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo. For all intents and purposes, Finn's first pajama party was a smashing success!