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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wrinkles and a "crazy" appendage

Kids say some of the most truthful (and funny) things.

Case in point. Last week while having a conversation with my daughter over dinner, she mentions that the great grandmother of a friend of hers at school just passed away at age 102! I say something to the effect of wow, that's pretty old for a person. She lived a long life and must have seen some pretty amazing things in all those years. To which Finn - with a far off contemplative look in her eye - says very matter of factually, "Yeah. She must have had a LOT of wrinkles."

And one of my recent faves...while our little man was getting into his five-point harness car seat the other day, Cat hears him struggling and getting frustrated, followed by a very huffy grumble/growl/moan, "Aarghh!" She asks him whats the matter and he says - with a scowl on his face and frustration in his voice - "I can't get my seat belt buckled! My penis is doing crazy things!"

How can you NOT love that kind of brutal honesty from kids?! :)