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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yes, even guys can get self-conscious about pictures

Osborne-Gowey family 2014.
Photo by Cameron Johnson Photography.

A Huffington Post article recently made the rounds, again, and caught my eye - So you're feeling too fat to be photographed (by Teresa Porter). I don't normally feel fat, but I do sometimes feel like I carry a little more weight than I'd like. Which can sometimes lead me to feel a little self-conscious when it comes time to being in pictures. I occasionally find myself with thoughts in my head like "is my face a little puffy" or "is my belly sticking out", or "is my beard all mussed up", etc.

But something a photographer friend mentioned to us last year - and something we've carried with us for most of the years of our marriage - was, "Just be present in the moment and show your kids how much you love them because they don't see what you see about yourself in the pictures - they just see you for you and the love you have for each other and them." The basis for her comments came from another Huffington Post article - this one from blogger Allison Tate - of a few years back; The mom stays in the picture. An excellent read (here are some other excellent posts of similar ilk). We've tried to stick to this mantra over the years, to just be present with each other, regardless of how we're feeling about ourselves in the moment. 

So now you know, in part, why we often don't shy away from pictures, whether you take them or we do. And why we'll continue to post pictures of our love for each other and our family and friends. 

Here's to another 20 years of being present in pictures and sharing them with friends and family.

Boating with friends, 2013.

Friday, June 20, 2014

This place is home

When we tell people in Colorado that we're moving to Boulder for a few years for a PhD program, they say we'll love it so much that we'll never move away from it. Like John Denver, it's true we've longed for more Rocky Mountain highs. And now we'll get a chance to explore there, become familiar with it, grow to love it, and embrace our time there. But I suspect most people we talk to in Colorado have never lived in Oregon - or the Pacific NorthWest for that matter. And those friends that have, now live in Oregon and the PNW. So many diverse environments. Such richness. Such solitude  Such grandeur. I'm sure we'll love Colorado and the area and the people, and for many good reasons. Of this I am certain. But here are more than just a few reasons why we call, and will continue to call, Oregon and the PNW our home. 

This place is special. 

This Place from Instrument on Vimeo.

There were a marvelous set of videos produced for Travel Oregon to bolster tourism in the state. This is a brief compilation of the seven top videos. Explore the full length videos of each of the seven, others submissions, and tons of other great Oregon material at Travel Oregon's 7 Wonders.

Perhaps the best IS saved for last. These stunning time-lapse shots taken in Oregon over several months capture a fraction of Oregon's splendor. For other incredible outdoor and living space footage, check out the other awesome stuff from Uncage the Soul Productions (see their link below this video).

Finding Oregon from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

In short, I have no doubt we'll love Colorado, probably more than we even realize. But we also love the PNW. And we call it home. Probably always will. So have no fear, Oregon...we can't quit you.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Who do I want to be when I grow up?

Art by Jaroslaw Blaminsky

While snuggling in bed this morning I asked our son who do you want to be when  you grow up? I like to ask these questions once in a while to get a peak into their minds.  His response "I want to be an Indian".  I said "you mean like Cloud Dancing on Dr. Quinn?"  He said "yeah...or maybe a Sheriff".  Okay...so both strong men with a tender side who stand up for injustice.  Nice to know who my son see's himself becoming. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Letter from a desperate daughter

Long car rides have gotten easier as the kids have gotten older - they can handle longer stretches without stopping. On the other hand, they seem to pester each other more, too. The usual sibling rivalry, I guess. On one recent (and particularly long) trip, our daughter, after getting fed up with her brother, penned us a letter and discretely 'delivered' it to us in the front seats. I simply HAD to share. Even the artwork was adorable (Finn's angry eyes)...

Jeremiah has turned into a poop, a meany and a grump. He is covering his ears and going 'la la la la la' so he cannot hear me. Make him stop.
Your desperate daughter,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A daughter's poem to her father

Recent father-daughter date night.
Our kids love, love, LOVE to steal our sticky Post-It Notes from our work desk. It doesn't matter how well we hide them, they always seem to find and abscond with them. Tucked behind a pile of papers? Behind books on the bookshelf? On top of the desk out of sight and reach? Yep. Found it. Been there and stole them. Those rascals! It's become a game to them...not so much for us. So now we've just taken to just purchasing an extra stack of sticky notes when we need to restock the office supplies. Problem solved.

Except for notes stuck all over the house labeling what belongs to them, what not to move, smiley faces to bring cheer, scribbles to designate secret spots, what-have-you. Guess they've taken after their mummy - which is a good thing - who leaves little love notes tucked around the house for me to find and get a warm heart over. I love it.

Anyway, a few days ago our daughter - who is REALLY into spelling and reading right now - pulled out her stack of sticky notes and proceeded to scribble away, hiding from all prying eyes what she was writing. Until she delivered me a note - a love poem from her to me. In her words it was

'Words about you that I love. There's WAAAY more than this. These are just my favorites.'

I...was moved to tears. and I could see in her gleaming eyes and facial expressions - as she watched me, searched my face and body language for my reaction - the excitement and knowledge and warmth that her Papa loves her deeply. It was incredibly moving for us both. So without further ado, Finn's poem to me:

Love, Finn.

I do believe I'll be keeping this note for all of my lifetime...
Hamming it up on the ice.

Bright eyes.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowy days in Corvallis

Corvallis and surrounding areas have had more school days cancelled because of snow this school year than any in recent history. And, with a changing climate, we can expect more of the same (i.e., more extreme events; higher highs and lower lows). The question is, will we be societally smart (and proactive) in our planning for the future? When it comes to work and school schedules, it's nearly impossible to plan which days will be cancelled due to weather. But we can prepare for the eventuality by having a list of fun (and challenging) home activities close at hand. And a potential list of babysitters ready to call. Personally, we like the idea of swapping kid-watching days with parents of friends. Then the burden doesn't necessarily fall on any one person. In the meantime, the kids just love playing in the snow, even at their school playgrounds!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

An English Tea Party

Gentlemen ready for a spot of tea...

You never know what will happen in this house...Nanny and Grandpa came for a visit and we put on a tea party for Finn. Cat was Mrs. Farkwar, Finn was Ms. Nesbitt, Little man was Mr. Stansfield the 4th, Nanny was Mrs. Perrywinkel, Papa was Mr. Hazelbottom, and Grandpa was Mr. Pigglesworth. We made up stories, dressed up, and Finn loved it!
The tea party.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Marriage and Division of Labor

While discussing table etiquette after dinner, I jokingly teased mummy that she didn't pick up her dinner dishes after being excused. With a wink and a smile I said something to the effect of, "how are we to teach our children proper table manners if we don't pick up our own dishes?" Mummy, with her own wink and a smile, jokingly says "well, I do the dishes. I figured I would pick it up later." Finn, after overhearing our conversation says, "well, mummy, you ARE his awfully wedded wife." Laughter and general happiness ensued.