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Monday, August 17, 2015


Today we had an opportunity to talk with our kiddos about exaggeration, stretching the truth, and deceit, thanks to LEGO

Little Jeremiah *proudly*: Papa, today I watched NinjaGo down on the futon in mummy's office!
Papa: That sounds like fun, son.
LJ *proudly*: Yeah, I watched FOURTEEN episodes!
*Papa raises his eyebrow*
Mummy: *chuckling* We'll, you didn't watch THAT many episodes...
LJ *exasperated*: Yeah...BUT I WATCHED MORE THAN TWO! (his usual limit) 

While his exaggeration wasn't an intentional lie, it was a great entry point into a discussion on truth. Such is parenting!

If you haven't yet checked out NinjaGo episodes (Netflix and Hulu) they are fun. LEGO also has some fun online NinjaGo Rush games. We just haven't yet figured out how to balance our peaceful Mennonite traditions with LEGO crime. ;)