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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy 14 years my love. I was going to write or pen you a card with some kind of beautiful picture on the front but let's face it they get put into a drawer and not looked at again...so why waste a tree. So...in the spirit of the modern age...I'm going to give you an anniversary blog post.

I wish you could see the transformation I've seen in you over these past 15 and a half years. The young boy I first met...so unsure of himself and the world but full of life and wonder. The amazing man who has laugh lines from laughing at life...always the dreamer...the loving and caring father...the romantic husband :) I've been gifted to watch you go from a boy to a man...and see the love you have for me in your eyes.

You are the next John Muir my love...you will in your own way change the world just like we talked about on that park bench... late in the night all those years ago. You will change how people see nature and the natural world around them. You will change how they think about it...about how they protect it...how they become a part of it. God has given you many gifts...but your strongest is your love of nature and your natural ability with people...those two things are going to make the difference in this world...the question is just how. You are a light...you walk into a room and you light it up.

Thank you for taking the chance on me...an onion to say the least. I may not always admit to my faults, I may take you for granted when I shouldn't, say things I regret, and even make you question why in the heck you said yes to my proposal all those years ago...but I will spend my life thanking God that you did. I will give you my heart and soul. I will fight harder than anyone ever has for you and love you harder than anyone ever has. I will be your best friend and lover, I will hold your hand when you are sad and hurt, I will fight away the demons in the night, I will laugh with you, cry with you, give you babies, and help you raise them into fine human beings. I will literally give you my life...you are that wonderful.

Happy 14 years of marriage and 15 and half years of partnership!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Art by http://vxside.deviantart.com/

I never want to stop dreaming.
I won't.
The what ifs and the plan B's,
they often whisper to me
from afar -
more of a conversation as of late.
And it brings me hope.