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Friday, December 23, 2011

An Osborne-Gowey Christmas Newsletter: 2011

Jeremiah and Cat, 2011

We hope this newsletter finds you well.  We usually write a family newsletter each Christmas season detailing our past year and how much has changed. This year ended with a bittersweet note of the passing of a dear young friend. Through our grief we had decided not to do a newsletter this year. However, after getting various cards from people with notes about how much you all love our newsletter, we decided to put a quick one together. 
Finn and Little Jeremiah, 2011

Kids are growing like crazy. Our daughter Finn is in kindergarten this year...we know: crazy! We have all officially entered the world of elementary school...wow!  She loves it and her teacher is an amazing man with the patience of Job. Finn is already losing her baby teeth and has enjoyed waiting for the tooth fairy, though she informed us the tooth fairy doesn't bring money but a new toothbrush and toothpaste...which we thought was great. She still loves horses and rides at a friend’s farm every week. She can't get enough of singing and dancing to her "country music" as she calls it, and is the tallest kid in her class (as well as the youngest)...I fear she is going to be taller than her tall mummy. 

Our son Jeremiah is two and half and all boy. We used to say that there is no difference between boys and girls...then we had a son...wow there is a big difference between boy and girl hormones. We think he came out grunting like a cave man and throwing a ball around the house an pumping his fists in the air. We so have enjoyed watching him grow and develop his likes and dislikes. He loves nature, being outside as much as possible, trains, cars, and most of all, his sissy. He and his sister have developed a close relationship...which often involves a lot of fighting. J

We have had a lot of positive changes this past year. For the first half of the year, Jeremiah worked a large amount of hours and was asked to do more than any person should...he was working six to seven days a week 12 to 16 hours a day...too much. He was getting no time with the kids and his sweetie...which he treasures so much. Finally, one day we were sitting down to dinner and our daughter put a picture of Papa at the table and said "see it's almost like he's here"...he had to work late again and wasn't able to get home for supper. Cat took a picture of it and sent it to Jeremiah at work and said “I think we have a problem.” Shortly after that a blessing came to us...with the tight financial times the world is in, his company realized they needed to downsize and he was laid off. It sounds strange but it was such a relief for us...he took with him a few of the projects he was working and started working for himself. We've always lived simply so our finances are small and we don't have a lot to worry about. With his work and Cat’s working off and on for the tribe, we do okay...and Cat’s still able to work from home so the kids have mummy and not a daycare. The Lord provides...just not always how we think He will. 

Cat’s work for the tribe has really picked up. Perfect timing too...previously Jeremiah was working so much she never would have had the time to put into my work like she does now. The tribe has had some changes in the business committee and Cat’s finally getting a lot more support. Five years ago she wrote a grant to start a family violence prevention program...the grant was awarded but many in the business committee were not so happy. She wrote a second grant last year and it was awarded as well, and, coupled with the changes to the business committee, the doors are opening and amazing things are happening. Her program is seeing great progress and they've been able to help quite a few women and their children leave abusive situations. 

We have had our sadness this year at the passing of our dear friend Deanna Kingston (and here, here and here)...but we have had many blessings as well. Our lives are full and rich, we have two amazing children, jobs that we feel really contribute to bettering our world, and we have a safe and loving home...really what else could we ask for!?

We hope this next year finds you safe and well and filled with God’s blessings.

The Osborne-Goweys

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A double present

While preparing homemade Yumm! bowls for lunch for the family today, Finn comes up to me and says, very matter-of-factly,
"I have something I have to do for you today, Papa, and you probably shouldn't be here since it's a surprise. Maybe you should probably go out of the house for a little bit. Maybe you should go find Dan (Sobota) and go fishing for a little bit while I work on your surprise."
OK! Count me in! I get two presents in one! Now to go check the ODFW recreation report and river levels...