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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updates...scroll down and check them out!

Jeremiah finished a few blogs he's been working on but since they were started on dates prior to the haircut blog you have to scroll down to check them out.  Check them out..the hiking pictures are awesome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finn's first haircut

Yesterday marked a milestone for the Osborne-Gowey family - and for Finn, in particular. Yesterday, Finn got her first haircut. Well, first all around hair cut. She had a run in with some missing bangs a couple of years ago but that doesn't count (wink, wink). A couple of months ago, around Christmas time as I recall, she mentioned that she might want to cut her hair. Her mummy and I loved her long hair but said that she needed to think about it...which she did. After thinking about it for a while, and perhaps after seeing a couple of her friends with their hair cut shorter, she informed us last month that she really wanted to get her hair cut "to the shoulders". So we explained to her that this was a big decision and that we'd been waiting for her to decide whether to cut her hair (mummy WAS getting worn down with a girl that just wouldn't keep her head still in the mornings while getting it brushed). And that she'd have to wait a full month to make sure that she was really ready. Yesterday marked the month. And she still wanted it done so we went in to the salon and she had it cut. She loved it and was such a great sport through the whole thing. Today, we can tell she misses her hair and sort of wants it long again but it's a good lesson for her, was hard for Cat and I (our girl is growing up), and her hair looks pretty cute. We just keep reassuring her that hair grows back (well, mine hasn't so much on top but that's another story) and that she's beautiful no matter if her hair is long or short. ;)