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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Tough Day Being Parents

Hello all...

Today has been a tough day being a parent...if I could have a glass of wine I would. Finn has been having a terrible 2 day...saying all the things she shouldn't, getting fussy, getting teary, and just having a hard time. By the end of the day Finn couldn't even eat her favorite meal, noodles, without crying and getting frustrated...though she gladly ate all her cauliflower. Finally the evening is coming to a close and mummy escaped outside to take the garbage outside (a mini vacation) and I come in to find Finn bent over crying and throwing up all over the kitchen floor and papa trying to comfort her. Goo and I have had a bad cold and Goo has been gargling with salt water to help a sore throat...well Finn was at the sink watching papa do just that when she took a big drink of her sippy cup and tried to gargle...as you guessed it...it didn't go well. She cried and was very scared...but after a warm bath, lots of hugs, a teary promise to not gargle her water anymore, she's in bed while papa reads her a "libary book" she checked out on valentines day. Oh the joy of being a parent...I don't think there was anything in the parent book about a day like today...I just wish she could always be little and a hot bath, hugs, and papa reading a library book could fix anything.

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