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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Little Girl

Wow have we been busy! Finn is now 3 and going on 30 sometimes. As I write this she is passed out in her papa's arms while we watch a movie...so sweet. We've had a busy few weeks. Last week was her birthday, she rode horses, had a party, and then danced the evening away at a friends wedding. The party was such fun, full of family and friends. At her party her grammie gave her a box of dress up clothes and this outfit was in it...she loves it so much we have a hard time getting it off of her. She wore it to the doctor's office the other day...complete with sparkle shoes and these glasses. It was like traveling with a movie star. Last night we went to a concert in the park by campus and she wore it again...she ran around in the night with her girl friend and they looked like fairies dancing in the night...such an amazing thing to see. They giggled, twirled, danced, and ate popcorn. Today we went to breakfast, worked in our garden plot, and then went to DaVinci days. Now our family is relaxing at home waiting for baby "limpet" to arrive.

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