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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Girl is Growing Up...1st Day of School

Here are a few pictures...the first two are of Finn's first day of school. She was up and dressed by 8am...she insisted on carrying her lunch box and wearing her backpack around even though we didn't have to be at the school until 10am. She was so excited...we were nervous but our girl was brave and ready for independence. The first week, parents go to school with the kids...it's suppose to help with their (and our) nerves...our girl was ready for us to go home...she looked at us when we got there like "why are you staying here?...this is school". On the second week you drop the kids off and they spread their wings...I wondered if she'd be sad or upset when we actually walked out of the school...nope...she hung up her jacket and walked into class without giving us a second thought (no hug or anything!). She's such an independent and brave kid...very unlike her mum as a child who cried, screamed, and if my memory is correct hung on my mother like a monkey...sorry mom :)

The other picture is of both our kids...wow...is Finn growing up...she's feeding her brother and helping out...she's the best friend and sister a kid could have.

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