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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This morning at 6:20am our friend Spencer slipped away. This picture was taken this summer of Kate and Spencer, our two cats, napping on the couch as they loved to do. Spencer is/was our orange Tabby. We brought him home almost 14 years ago and today I feel like I've lost a true friend. I'm writing this as my own way to say good bye and get my feelings out. Many of you know what I'm writing about, losing a furry friend can be so difficult and often others don't understand that furry people can be family and losing one leaves a whole.

He had a heart attack this morning. It was sudden...we never saw it coming...he wasn't sick and we had no signs that he wasn't well. I woke to him making noises and I thought that it was him screaming because my folks were staying over and they had their dogs with them. Thank God for Zip and Tig, their dogs, they barked when Spencer had his attack and got our attention...by the time I made it to Spencer he was in the bathroom unable to move, he had several seizures, and then after an hour and half he died. My mom and I laid on the floor with him, stroking him, telling him how wonderful he was, and letting him go. I can't thank her enough for helping me make my friends last few moments warm and loving...she is a treasure to me.

Then...I had to tell Finn this morning. Spencer had become her best friends, anytime we travel she'd cry and ask about Spencer for our whole trip. The nap together, she reads to him, dresses him up, and they loved to watch movies. Explaining to her that she won't see her friend again was one of the hardest things I've had to do.

I know this post is depressing and many won't be able or want to read it...but I needed to get it out. I needed to say goodbye to a true friend. He saw me through my first years of marriage, college, graduate school, both of my babies, he was always there to make me feel loved.

For 14 years I've opened my front door and this orange Tabby would jump off the couch and come running to inspect whatever I brought in or to see where I'd been. We still have Kate Bird...I plan to shower her in love and help her through her grieving process...Finn said it best...she walked over to Birdie and said "I'm sorry you lost your sweety...I'll be your sweety if you want".

Bye Spencer

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Dee said...

Cat, I just posted a comment to your Facebook status about the Inupiaq belief in reincarnation - not sure if that will help or not. It comforts me when I get upset about death. I told Eddie that Spencer died and he said "oh, no, that's too bad!" We're both sorry to hear about his death.