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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woodcutting Day

There's nothing quite like a day spent out in the woods. And this particular Saturday was no different. Our good friend Dan S. joined us for a day of woodcutting in the Oregon Coast Range outside of Nashville up on the Siletz River. Little Jeremiah wasn't feeling so good so Finn and I were going originally going to be the only ones going besides Dan. But just before Dan arrived at the house, we all decided we didn't want to spend the day apart so we hurriedly packed additional food, supplies and a couple of toy trucks and out the door we rushed, excited for the day's adventure. Four hours later, we had cut, split and loaded two cord of seasoned alder, the kids were exhausted, and Dan's and my backs were tightening up (guess we're not getting any younger!). 

The fellas...just before our backs tightened up! ;)

Enjoying sitting on the wood pile.

Dan and I both had additional things we needed to get done so we all headed home around noon to unload and stack the wood and take some ibuprofen (wink). Little man couldn't stand the thought of me working out in the garage stacking wood without him so he did his best to help with the afternoon's work...and I was proud! :) All in all, it was a wonderful family day together and felt so rewarding knowing that we were putting up wood to keep our family warm next winter.

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