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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family menu planning

Every weekend, we sit down as a family and plan the meals for the week. It's a good excuse for us to spend some more quality family time together. Not only is it fun finding delicious recipes to create together throughout the week, but we've found it helps our family budget as we only do one grocery shopping for the week instead of a few times throughout the week (where we find ourselves buying more than we planned on). This week's dinner menu, some recipes of which come from The Joy of Cooking (I have the 1997 version but you can find it on Google Books), include:

M - grilled, spiced pork chops, steamed brown rice, lemon-juice/pepper/olive oil braised brussel sprouts
Tu - Angel hair pesto pasta and broiled broccoli/cauliflower
W - Chili-crusted flank steaks on mango salsa bed, mango/avocado salad (pp. 659, 63, 218)
Th - Leftovers
F - Braised pork roast w/ sauerkraut and salad greens (p. 701)
Sat - Spicy maple roasted chicken and rice pilaf (p. 628)
Sun (potluck w/ family) - brioche/kouglof (p. 760, 764)

I'm especially looking forward to the spicy maple-glazed chicken. Yum!

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