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Friday, December 6, 2013

Bad parenting moment #764?

Kate Mason blog post on messes.
BabyCenter's pic list of epic messes!
Yeah, that's about right...
Slow Your Home blog. Awesomesauce.
Forget coloring. This is all LJ wants to do with crayons.

I spilled something this morning and looked at Finn and said "Man, all I've done today is make messes...you ever have a day where it feels like all you do is make messes?"

Finn: Yeah everyday.

Me: Why on earth would you say that?! You don't make that many messes.

Finn: Because everyday when I get home from school you say 'Finn clean up...you get home from school and make tons of messes for me to clean up'.

DOH!!! Guess I need to give some more thought to how I present things to her.

In the end, sure kids make some pretty crazy messes. But sometimes, making messes is what it's all about! At least I know she was hearing me.

Now to work on reinforcing their cleanup behaviors...

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