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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowy days in Corvallis

Corvallis and surrounding areas have had more school days cancelled because of snow this school year than any in recent history. And, with a changing climate, we can expect more of the same (i.e., more extreme events; higher highs and lower lows). The question is, will we be societally smart (and proactive) in our planning for the future? When it comes to work and school schedules, it's nearly impossible to plan which days will be cancelled due to weather. But we can prepare for the eventuality by having a list of fun (and challenging) home activities close at hand. And a potential list of babysitters ready to call. Personally, we like the idea of swapping kid-watching days with parents of friends. Then the burden doesn't necessarily fall on any one person. In the meantime, the kids just love playing in the snow, even at their school playgrounds!

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