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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching the Sunlight

This morning as the sun breaks over the top of Marys Peak, bathing the forest floor of Marys Peak Campground, I point out to my daughter how beautiful it is. She, working on an art project at the picnic table, looks around thoughtfully for a few quiet moments, then closes hers eyes, turns toward the sun peeking through the tree tops, lets it wash over her face and says - somewhat introspectively and with her eyes still closed - "Papa, I'm catching some of the sunlight." Incredible. She, and life, is truly incredible.

Finn resting on my arm as we drive forest roads.
Finn working on her art table at one of our camping spots.
Finn in the evening light atop Marys Peak.
Sunset through the wires (Bald Hill).

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