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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finn's dental appointment

We had Finn's first dental appointment this morning and she was an absolute champ. She hadn't been seen since she was a few months old and was anticipating the return...with just a hint of trepidation. We had explained pretty much everything they'd do in her mouth during her appointment and she requested bringing her favorite stuffed animal (of the week). We obliged and she was happy as a clam. As expected, she talked the ear off the dental hygienist, who was wonderful with Finn. Her teeth looked great, aside from a small cavity between her two back teeth. Guess we need to be more diligent on flossing EVERY night. After the appointment, while still sitting in the chair, Finn says "I think I want to be a dentist when I grow up" and "Can't we stay here a little bit longer?" Such a cutie.

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