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Thursday, January 24, 2013

An interesting conversation between kids

Sibling love. And looking at fish at the pet store.
Recently, our two children were sitting together at our dinning room table playing with Play-doh when we happened to overhear a conversation of theirs that caught our attention. Here's how it unfolded...

Finn: "Jeremiah, do you want to marry me?"
Jeremiah: "Yes sissy I do...I want to marry you."
Finn: "You can't marry me because we are brother and sister."
Jeremiah: "What?...Yes I will, I will marry you."
Finn: "No, you can't because brothers and sisters can't marry...if they do they will have weak babies."
Jeremiah: "Oh. Weak babies?"
Finn: "Yeah they won't be well...that's why if we marry I will have to get spayed."

Okay...that was an interesting conversation to have been privy to! And the conversations they have when they think no one is listening really crack us up! Just a normal afternoon at the Osborne-Gowey zoo.

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