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Friday, February 19, 2016

Late Start Friday

These two can fight like cats and dogs...but also fully love each other.

Both Cat and I have been under pressure of work deadlines of late. We've been working late, getting up early to work before the kids get up, working weekends. Just a lot of work. But we know it's not the norm and we're cognizant of not letting it become a habit. This world is already full of enough hustle and bustle.

So this morning - after laying in bed past our normal waking time and listening to another Colorado wind storm (with gusts of up to 100mph) - when the kiddos awoke and realized we were still in bed, they wanted snuggle time. Since these moments will be gone soon enough (does the speed of time increase as our children age?!),  we said "get in here!"and the kiddos bounced and trounced their way under our covers.

We all talked quietly for a time, listening to the wind howl through our windows cracked slightly open. Then tickled and wrestled. Then talked about how our day looked for each of us. And after a little whispered inspiration from Cat, we all decided that despite our busy schedules, it was time for a late start to our day.

You see, last year the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) had late start Wednesday's every week. And our family came to rely on those extra 45-50 minutes each Wednesday morning to read books, share a cup of tea together, make pancakes, create something, just take the morning a little slower. But after BVSD did away with them this year, we've been longing for them to be brought back (not everyone was happy).

BVSD still hasn't brought back the weekly "late start" day. But we decided today was going to be an O-G late start Friday - we needed a no rush morning...a day to say "our family comes before schedules". So we got up and dressed and took our time walking to Southside Walnut Cafe (on Foursquare) for breakfast, read the comics, colored, told stories, leisurely ate breakfast, then had a pleasant stroll with the kiddos to school.

This morning's comics Finn and I discussed...
We think (hope) that taking these sorts of times together sends a clear message to our children (and partner) that family comes first - not work, not school, not routine schedules. Family. Sure work and schedules and school are all important, but these routine mental health days or late start school/work days make a lasting impression (we hope).

A perfect O-G morning.

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